Kai Mattsson

About me

Animals and nature has always been close to my heart and I’ve been fortunate to work with multiple species including; horses, dogs, cats, fish and seals and many other exotic (zoo-) animals, the main experience of my career has been with dolphins.

Animal training does not vary a lot weather you are training dogs, cats, dolphins or any other species, as long as you know and understand the species you're working with. Training of any domestic animal is an excellent way to motivate your pet and to create a better and healthier environment for them. It is also fun for the animal and for yourselves, it is taking your relationship with the animal under your care into a whole different level. 

Animal training is a challenge. I have been fortunate and lucky to have multiple changes for sharing my knowledge on animal behavior management on personal encounters with animal owners as ell as through lectures by Meritime Consulting - to different organizations, dog clubs, school focused on animal care and zookeepers.

My animal training & -care experiences

With dolphins I worked actively three decades. Besides animal training my work included assignments related to my foreman position; like staff training & development and recruiting new personnel. I also had responsibilities on manuscript of performance productions as well as planning the music, lightning, choreography & staging.My journey with dolphins started in mid 80's and their fascinating world has taken me into various parts of the globe which gave me an opportunities to gathered experience on animal training and welfare from the very best of colleagues. My experience is also build up as I have been involved in multiple international organizations on positions or trust; in organizing international symposiums for colleagues & students around the globe as well as presenting my own work in them.


The underwater world of aquariums came familiar to me already before working with dolphins; I got a profession out of very active hobby.  Nowadays I am again working actively with aquarium world but also with reptiles as well as more common domestic animals under Särkänniemi Ltd. animal attractions. 

These work assignments has opened to me new interesting animal training possibilities.

Meritime Consulting;

Meritime Consultation is established in 2004, as I realized that besides my regular work I needed another platform to fulfill different needs of animal training in my life. 

Soon the activity of my consultation expanded more into teaching & tutoring of national & international animal care takers to the direction of animal welfare, conservation, aquariums and animal behaviour management as well as animal training.

With good conscience I may say that the years of experience has gathered to me qualifications in animal care in multiple areas. 

Nature concervation;

At the beginning of millenium I got an invitation from Finish ministry of environment to join and represent our country in

Ascobans meetings (Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic, North East Atlantic, Irish and North Seas).

The organization is of one under CMS and focuses on conservation of small cetaceans. 

My work for the protection of porpoises is continuing; ie. by being a member of national porpoise sighting committee member.


Porpoises are close to my heart;  they are the only cetacean seen regularly in Baltic Sea region.

International work

Since 2016 I've worked for the EAZA Academy  (European Association for Zoo's and Aquariums) as tutor in animal welfare, thus helping and tutoring people under EAZA organization to provide good animal welfare and behavior management for the animals under their care in zoo's.

In 2023 I was inviter to join the EAZA Animal Welfare Working Group an on official Advisor  (EAZA AWWG Official Advisor) within the organization.

My other work or hobby related experiences have taken me more into creative art; music, photography and theater. 

All animals I have in my home are rescue-animals;

Home-changers, orphans etc. - for now on they'll quality living conditions.