- Kai Mattsson -

Beyond animal training

This site, as all my work with animals, is dedicated to promoting animal welfare, care and behavior management by appreciation and respect to the animal-centered approach, using modern applied animal behavior modification techniques to create them as positive learning experience as possible. 

Meritime is a visionary consulting company which provides professional aid to any animal behavior management situation where animals are kept under human care - whether they are our beloved domesticated companions or more exotic animals.

My ambition is to get us all involved in taking care of animals under our care from animal centered perspective and to be aware of positive ways of modifying their behavior. 

Behavior modification is nothing mysterious, everyone can do it.  It’s not whispering, magic nor any supernatural talent that only some individuals posses. It is science and it can be applied to all animals; operant conditioning through positive reinforcement builds a very solid ground to all human-animal relationship’s.

Spend some Merrytime © with creation's beauty - the animals with us !

This "ball" and it's nature is on our responsibility !

International organizations where I am or have been in positions of trust and to whom I am grateful for my professional competence.