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About me

Kai Mattsson

Nature and animals have always been close to my heart and I’ve been fortunate to work with a few species including horses, dogs, cats, fish and seals but the main experience comes of course from dolphins.

Dolphin training does not vary a lot from dog training or training of any other animal, as long as you know your animal your doing well. Training of any domestic animal is an exellent way to motivate your pet and to create a better and healthier environment. It is fun for the animal and for youselves.

Animal training is a challenge - fortunatelly I have been lucky enought to have several changes to share my knowledge ie. through lectures while working in Meritime consulting.

My main caree has been with dolphins at the Särkänniemi ltd. My job decsription has included, of course animal training but work also being a foreman for our training team, recruiting and educating our new staff, facility design and being a producer (set decorator, sound & music designer, scriptwriter) to dolphin and themeplays at the facility.

With doplhins I’ve worked since mid 80’s and their fascinating world has taken me into various parts of the globe which has given me an opportunity to gathered experience on animal training and welfare. I’ve been a member to IMATA  (International Marine Animal Trainers Association) since late 80’s and I was elected to the board of EAAM (European association for Aquatic mammals) in 1997. I have been working actively within the association ever since, by organizing Annual scientific Symposia’s and several regional and international workshops in animal training, enrichment and welfare. I am still involved with trusted assignment within marine mammal community .

At the beginning of millennium I was invited by the finnish ministry of environment to Finland's delegate to Ascobans meetings (Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic, North East Atlantic, Irish and North Seas). This is still an ongoing position of responsibility.

Nowadays I'm also working within EAZA (Europea Association of Zoos and Aquariums) as an educator & instructor for it's academy thus spreading the knowledge on animal training and welfare within animals under human care.

My other work related experience is taking more to creative art and culture; photography, music and theatre – as procuder, actor and musician (saxophone).
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