I believe it all started in late 70's when I was a young boy and I was fortunate to see some porpoises in the Finnish archipelagos during our family holiday.

Even before that I was very keen on nature and it's well being - At that time I got more concerned about the nature.


Years passed before I got my hands on some to some real conservation of the nature. This all has been possible by my own activity but of course because my work at Särkänniemi Dolphinarium has given me a great platform to be involved with conservation of cetaceans.

In 1995 I got my first contact with Ascobans-organization which is involved with conservation of small cetacean ie. in the Baltic area. With the secretariat I did some lobbying to Finnish government / ministry of environment to have also Finland sign the conservation agreement.
At that time I was involved with collecting some data of historical sighting of porpoises in Finland. Soon a few years after Finland signed the agreement and right after that I was invited to join the Finnish 'Porpoise group' - a working group that started to collect information of possible sightings of porpoises in our coastal waters.

In 2001 this led to an invitation from ministry of environment to join the Finnish delegation as a permanent member in position of a professional adviser to take part in the Ascobans Advisory meetings as well as to the meetings of parties (MOP) of the agreement.
To me this is dream of a young boy come true!
 ..and hopefully some day we will again see more porpoises frequently in our waters!
Kai Mattsson
Here's the link to Ascobans webpage: